• Please, read the terms before you place an order.

    1. The only payment method I accept is PayPal. I will ask you to cover the taxes.
    2. All prices are in euro!
    3. When I am ready with the header and you like how it looks, I will ask you for the payment. Then I will send you the look of the ready theme and we will discuss if you want any changes to be made. Do not hesitate to tell me if you want something to look a bit different. When you are satisfied with the result I will send you the theme.
    4. I will try to respond to your email within 24 hours or less.
    5. I will try to complete the other within a week after I have started to work on it but I do not guarantee that it won’t take me longer. I am currently in university and I take my education very seriously. So please, be patient as I will work hard on your order.
    6. Please, provide me with HQ images. The header will look so much better. I prefer to work with Photoshoots.
    7. I accept orders only for fansites. Your fansite must be online or upcoming but I will ask you to order only if you are really going to open it.
    8. Credit is required! Please, add a link to my site in your sidebar or footer, saying that the theme/header is made by me.
    9. Please, include as many details as you can. You can include colors you prefer, if you want specific style, if you want a welcome message on the header, a place for latest images and anything else that you would like me to include.
    10. Do not resell my designs, claim them as your own or provide them to someone else.

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