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    Welcome to Lacrimossa Designs at, a place where you can find a cheap, yet beautiful designs created only for your site. Do you need a new and fresh look for your fansite? Then check out my packages and portfolio. I offer custom WordPress and Coppermine themes as well as only headers and graphics for your social media accounts.

    The completed order of Matching WordPress and Coppermine Themes for Daisy Ridley Fan can now be found in my portfolio.

    WordPress Theme | Coppermine Theme

    Sep 17 2020
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    Hello, everyone and welcome back to Lacrimossa Designs!

    Because of the pandemic I wasn’t able to work on anything fansite related, including my newly opened design site. But now I am back and you can order themes and graphics at discounted prices. I am currently accepting orders so make sure to check out my packages and discounted prices bellow.

    I also have a new Portfolio page. There isn’t much in there but I hope to build it up very soon. I hope that you will like my work. Please, read the terms before you place an order and contact me if you have any further questions.

    Because I am still building my portfolio, you can now get a theme or a header created only for your fansite at a lower price! Available only for the first three orders. See the discounts bellow.

    01. WordPress Theme + Coppermine Theme Combo
    Regular price: 15€ | Now: 7.50€

    02. Matching WordPress Theme + Coppermine Theme
    Regular price: 12€ | Now: 6€

    03. WordPress Theme
    Regular price: 10€ | Now: 5€

    04. Coppermine Theme
    Regular price: 7€ | Now: 3.50€

    05. Header
    Regular price: 5€ | Now: 2.50€

    06. Twitter Set
    Regular price: 3€ | Now: 1.50€

    Sep 15 2020
    Written by Alissa • Leave a comment